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Congratulations! You now have access to selected luxury hotel packages for VAB Magazine readers with €185,- benefit. Our hotel experiences are specially designed to give you an unforgettable experience, with breakfast and many luxury extras included.


For your convenience, we have already factored the discount into the prices shown. That way you won't face any surprises when finally booking. In addition - to offer you a wider range of packages - we have also selected great deals with a lower or even higher discount than 185 euros. This way, we want to make sure you can benefit from the best offers and experiences.


Elize de Ruijter
On behalf of ViaLuxury team

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For issues of the VAB Magazine between 26 June 2023 and April 2024, a gift card with a discount code worth €185 discount on ViaLuxury packages has been added. This gift code can also be found in VAB's Online Club. The game rules applicable to this discount offer are:

  • The discount code has a minimum value of €185,-. This discount has already been incorporated into the prices shown.
  • After activation, your discount will remain valid until you book.
  • The offer can change continuously. 
  • The code is valid until July 2024
  • The discount code is not redeemable in cash.
  • The discount code is not redeemable on single hotel stays. Only on hotel packages.
  • A stay is always based on 2 persons, unless otherwise indicated.
  • The ViaLuxury Gift Card has a limited duration and is valid on all days of the week, unless otherwise indicated and subject to availability. Full = full, gone = gone.