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Golden Tulip Hotels

Golden Tulip is known for its warm hospitality and comfort in more than 230 hotels worldwide. This chain knows perfectly how to combine modern luxury with local traditions, making every stay unique. Whether you prefer a city centre hotel or a quiet location close to nature, Golden Tulip offers it all. Each hotel is designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible, with facilities ranging from state-of-the-art fitness centres to inviting bars and restaurants. Discover the diverse range of Golden Tulip Hotels at ViaLuxury now and treat yourself to a touch of luxury.

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Golden Tulip: Luxury and local charm

At Golden Tulip Hotels, luxury blends effortlessly with local charm, leaving a profound impression on every stay. The hotels are designed to create a feeling of coming home, while still allowing you to experience local culture and traditions. Whether enjoying culinary delights in one of the restaurants or relaxing in the spa, Golden Tulip will make your stay special.

Golden Tulip Hotels Netherlands

 In the Netherlands, Golden Tulip offers a diverse range of hotels, each with its own character. From the bustling heart of Amsterdam to the peaceful countryside of Limburg, there is something for everyone. These hotels are the perfect base from which to explore the Netherlands, with the guarantee of comfort and quality you would expect from Golden Tulip.

Golden Tulip International

Also outside the Netherlands, Golden Tulip allows its guests to enjoy exceptional experiences. With locations from France to Brazilië, each hotel offers a unique take on local culture, combined with international standards of luxury and comfort. Explore the world with Golden Tulip and make your trip unforgettable.

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